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Cool surfing Localism: Localism in surfing is the idea that surfers who are native to a particular beach or surf break have a priority over visiting surfers. While localism is often associated with negative behaviors such as verbal and physical intimidation, it is important to note that localism can also have positive aspects.

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Cool surfing localism positive aspects

  • Preserving the surf break and the environment Surfers who live in the area are more likely to be invested in preserving the natural environment and the quality of the waves. They are often the ones who are most aware of changes in the surf break due to storms, tides, or development. Therefore, they are more likely to take actions to protect the surf break and the surrounding environment.
  • Building a community and a sense of belonging Surfing is often more than just riding waves. It’s about being part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for the ocean and surfing. Localism can create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the local surfers. It’s an opportunity for them to bond over a shared passion and protect their surf break together.
  • Ensuring safety in the water Local surfers are familiar with the surf break and its hazards, such as currents, rocks, and shallow reefs. They know where it’s safe to surf and where it’s not. Therefore, they can provide valuable information to visiting surfers to help them stay safe in the water. Localism can also discourage inexperienced surfers from entering the water during dangerous conditions, which can ultimately save lives.
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  • Fostering a competitive spirit Localism can create a healthy competition among surfers. When surfers know each other and have a friendly rivalry, they tend to push each other to surf better and improve their skills. This can benefit the surf break by attracting more skilled surfers who can showcase their talent and provide inspiration to other surfers.
  • Supporting the local economy Surfing can be a significant driver of the local economy in coastal areas. When surfers visit from out of town, they often need accommodations, food, and surf equipment. Local surfers who act as ambassadors for their surf break can help promote the area and attract more visitors, which can ultimately benefit the local economy.

In conclusion, while localism in surfing is often associated with negative behaviors, it is important to recognize that it can also have positive aspects. Local surfers can help preserve the surf break and the environment, build a community, ensure safety in the water, foster a competitive spirit, and support the local economy. By promoting these positive aspects, we can create a more inclusive and respectful surfing culture.

Wherever you’re surfing in the world, you will always have the exact same rules from surfing etiquette.
But you will get too, new rules that maybe are not the same in indonesia or Hawaii or in Europe for example.

Make sure wherever you go, to ask locals some tips like:
• Where is the channel to get to the line up easier to don’t stay in the middle of the way when someone is surfing.

• Where you should surf to don’t compromise locals in the main peak, because you always have one peak where locals are between them selfs
• Which spot is the best for your level, because depending your level you are not able to surf some kind of waves or actually you do.
• Where you should go inside the water in the easiest way and where is the easiest way to get outside the water. Because sometimes you have rocks under the water, or sand banks that are different than other places.

So make sure, if you have any doubts, to ask local what you have in mind. Actually they will love the fact you ask something to don’t compromise yourself and themselves

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