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Portugal Surf Rentals

Whenever you rent surfboards in Portugal or anywhere else, there are several aspects to consider.
After having a look about they key points of the surf rentals, we will show you 2 different options for you to find your gem. Enjoy!

1. Surf Rental advices:

Shops and Locations:

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Portugal has a wide range of surf rental shops scattered throughout its popular surf destinations. For instance, in Lisbon, you can find rental shops in areas like Cascais and Carcavelos. In Ericeira, there are rental options in the town center close to the main surf spots. In Peniche, you’ll find rental shops in the Baleal area, which is known for its consistent waves. The Algarve region offers rental shops in towns like Lagos, Sagres, and Albufeira, which provide easy access to popular surf breaks.

Board Selection:

Surf rental shops in Portugal typically have a variety of board types available. Shortboards are suitable for more experienced surfers and maneuverability in steeper waves. Longboards provide stability and are ideal for beginners or riders looking for a smooth, mellow ride. Funboards are a hybrid option, offering a balance between maneuverability and stability. Fish boards are shorter and wider, designed for smaller waves and quick turns. Soft-top beginner boards are foam boards with added buoyancy and safety features, perfect for those learning to surf.

Rental Duration and Pricing:

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The duration of surfboard rentals can vary depending on the rental shop and your needs. Some shops offer hourly rentals for shorter sessions, while others provide daily or weekly options for extended use. Prices can range from around €10 to €40 per day, with discounts available for longer rental periods. Additionally, some rental shops may offer package deals that include equipment like wetsuits, leashes, or surf lessons.

Equipment Condition:

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Before renting a surfboard, thoroughly inspect the board for any visible damage, such as dings, cracks, or delamination. It’s important to ensure that the board is in good working condition, with no significant damage that could affect your surfing experience. Communicate any concerns to the rental shop staff, as they may have alternative boards available or be able to address the issue before you start your rental.

Safety Equipment:

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In addition to surfboards, rental shops often provide or offer additional safety equipment for rent. This can include items like surfboard leashes, wetsuits, rash guards, and even helmets for more advanced surfers. Wetsuits are particularly useful for colder water temperatures, protecting you from the chill and providing some additional buoyancy.

Reservation Policy:

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Some surf rental shops in Portugal allow you to make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons or busy periods. This is especially beneficial if you have specific board preferences or want to ensure availability. Make sure to inquire about reservation policies, including any cancellation fees or requirements.

Local Rules and Regulations:

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Each surf spot in Portugal may have its own set of rules and regulations. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with local guidelines and beach safety practices. This can include respecting surf zones and priority rules, being aware of any restricted areas or hazards, and following general surf etiquette. If you want to know more about surfing locals history: click here.

Local surf schools or rental shops can provide you with information on specific rules and regulations for the area you plan to surf.

2. Surf rental places

  1. Portugal surf rentals:

Portugal Surf rentals is the number 1 rental company of the country. Whatever you’re looking for, surf board, wetsuits, leash, fins, deck, wax, whatever they have it.
Whatever the brand you need, the shape, the volume, the size: they have it. And better, Wherever you are located they will bring the equipment to your location (lisbon area like Carcavelos, Ericeira, Sintra, Costa da Caparica, even Peniche. For other locations in the country, make sure you send them a mail before to chat and see what’s the best solution for both.

This brand is run by a former portuguese national champion called Marcos Anastasio. The company started in 2014, and since then, it is the best surf rental of the country.
So if you were hesitating to rent some surfing gear, don’t hesitate anymore, you found your guy :).
PS: yes that’s him getting barreled!

2. Ericeira surf suppliers

If you’re staying around the ericeira area, this brand is made for you. Whatever you need, surf board, body board, SUP, wetsuits etc they will have it for you: they work with every surf schools of the area. That means, if one surf school doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can be sure the next one will have it.

Ericeira surf suppliers is an App available on google play and App store, made by a good friend of mine, Bruno. His passion for surfing has made him taking this direction to keep the hobbie as a job.
Go in that app and go to the surf school to get your gem, enjoy your ride :).

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