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Surf camp ericeira

Surf camp Ericeira: Before telling you the different options of surf camps in Ericeira, I would like to let you know that Waves Finder does something unique that none does: surf trip in all the portuguese coast.

It is a surf itinerary where every 100km we will stop by accommodations close to the best surf spots depending the surf forecast. While we are on the road, we would surf and discover Portugal in its authenticity.
You would get in an amazing surf adventure passing throught beautiful landscapes, eating local food, surfing during sunrises or/and sunsets.

You would go back home after this amazing travel with better surfing skills, the best stories to tell and a great knowledge of portuguese culture

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Surf camp ericeira

  • Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira: Lapoint Surf Camp is a popular choice for surfers of all levels. They offer a range of packages including accommodation in shared rooms or private apartments, surf lessons with certified instructors, surf equipment rental, video analysis, and yoga classes. The camp’s location is within walking distance of the beach and offers a lively social atmosphere.
  • Ericeira Surf Camp: With over 20 years of experience, Ericeira Surf Camp is one of the oldest and most reputable surf camps in the area. They provide accommodation in shared rooms or private apartments, daily surf lessons, equipment rental, theory classes, video analysis, and yoga sessions. The camp also organizes various activities and events, creating a vibrant and inclusive surf community.
  • Rapture Surfcamp Ericeira: Rapture Surfcamp offers a range of packages for different skill levels, from beginner to advanced surfers. The camp provides accommodation in shared rooms or private apartments, daily surf lessons, surfboard rental, video coaching, and yoga sessions. The camp’s social atmosphere, regular events, and optional activities make it a great choice for surf enthusiasts.
  • Drop Surf Center Ericeira: Drop Surf Center is a family-friendly surf camp that caters to all levels of surfers, including children and beginners. They offer accommodation in private apartments or houses, surf lessons with qualified instructors, equipment rental, and video analysis. Drop Surf Center also provides additional activities such as SUP, coasteering, and yoga classes.
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Ericeira: Dreamsea Surf Camp offers a unique glamping experience combined with surf lessons and a laid-back atmosphere. The camp provides accommodation in spacious bell tents or wooden cabins, surf lessons for all levels, surfboard rental, yoga classes, and organized activities like beach volleyball and live music events.
  • Nomad Surfers Ericeira Surf Camp: Nomad Surfers is a surf camp that focuses on providing a personalized experience. They offer accommodation in shared rooms or private apartments, daily surf lessons, surf equipment rental, video analysis, and yoga sessions. The camp also organizes excursions to nearby surf spots and cultural attractions.
  • Pure Surf Camp Ericeira is a renowned surf camp located in the coastal town of Ericeira, Portugal. Known for its excellent surf conditions and laid-back atmosphere, Pure Surf Camp offers a comprehensive surf experience for all levels of surfers.

Those surfcamps are well known to have a great vibe and perfect for meeting people from other countries all around the globe.
Dinners, parties, events; you can be sure you will have a great holiday.

Don’t forget that with Waves Finder, you can get the same type of accommodation or a different one depending what you are looking for in all the portuguese coastline.

Don’t get me wrong, the camps are great for meeting and surfing!
But with Waves Finder, you will have the chance to experience something unique, that no one else does. Something that will give you more knowledge, more experiences and memories ahead.

Do you feel ready to try this unforgettable surf trip?

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