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Surf lessons in Ericeira

Learn how to surf in one of the most beautiful surf spot in Europe

You cannot control the waves, but you can learn how to surf

We love our work.
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Learn how to surf in Ericeira

Ericeira is one of the best destination to learn how to surf. With over 12 surf spots, we have great condition to learn how to surf the whole year. You can be a total beginner and book a surfing lesson to learn how to surf. We adapt our sessions to everyone skills and background.

What is included


Note: We have a maximum of 5 surfers per group to assure the quality of the session

Any questions regarding our surfing lessons?

Where are the surfing lessons?

Surfing lessons will take place in Ribeira d’Ilhas. This is one of the most iconic surfing spot in Europe, and one of the most consistent wave in Portugal. It’s a perfect wave to learn how to surf.

We only propose 5 slots per surfing session to assure the quality of our service. So maximum up to 5 students in the water !

Water is always cool in Portugal, the whole year. Which means that in winter time it stays around 15 degrees. With the wetsuit you will feel warm, it’s actually one of the warmest zone in Europe in winter time!

Our surf lessons are around 2h30/3h (the time we bring you from the hotel, put the wetsuit on, do the theory part in the sand, practice inside water for minimum 1h15, feedback and bringing you back to your accommodation).

Of course, you just need to let us know and we take care of you for the best surf lesson ever!

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