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Surfcoaching in Ericeira

Improve your surfing with a professional

Improve your surfing while having fun is possible

We love our work.
Maybe that is why our students love it as well.

3 reasons
to do surfcoaching

To feel more confident in the water

Surfing is not easy, and it requires plenty of time before being totally confident in the ocean. We are here to help you, to guide you, and to give you more confidence in the water.

To watch yourself surfing

The first time you will see yourself surfing it might hurt… But it is a mandatory step in your progression. We will record your session and analyze your waves with you.

To surf in the best condition according to your level

We choose the best condition according to the group level. Don’t worry, we know perfectly the breaks around and will always go for the best option for you.

Go surfing, get recorded, get better !

We record your session so we can analyze your waves and give you important tips and you will see yourself in action.

What is included


Any questions regarding our surfcoaching service?

Where are the surfing sessions?

The sessions will take place in the best surf spots around Ericeira, according to your level and the condition of the day. Julien is an expert of the area and knows every break around.

The level required is to be able to surf green waves on your own. Once you are autonomous you can join our surfcoaching group to improve your surfing.

If you are a total beginner you can book surfing lessons.

No matter what, there is always a surf spot to find the best waves depending the surf conditions. 

The goal of the coaching is for you to see yourself surfing to understand exactly what you’re doing good and wrong. Of course if there is a necessity of us going inside the water with you, we would be glad to join you!

We’re here to help you to feel more confident inside the water. We will always prioritize your safety first. There are some exercices that help you to reach this confidence.  However, if we see that it doesn’t worth to get wet, so be it 🙂

The minium is 2 and maximum would be 5 to offer the best service.

We adapt the exercices to all level, so do not be worry!

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