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Top 10 best surf spots in Europe

Before having a look at the top 10 best surf spots in Europe, make sure to understand that there are way more great surf spots to hunt. Fortunately we will not put everything over here in this blog, you will have to find it on your own!
We did on purpose to choose many different countries to open bit more the surfing world! After reading the blog, make sure you will ride one of those waves, respecting the local rules from wherever you’ll be!
Enjoy the reading!

Top 10 best surf spots in europe

N1 Peniche, Portugal: Located on Portugal’s Silver Coast, Peniche is known for its consistent waves and offers a variety of breaks suitable for all skill levels. Supertubos, one of Europe’s best beach breaks, is famous for its hollow and powerful barrels, attracting professional surfers.

peniche surf

N2 Hossegor, France: Located in Southwest France, Hossegor is renowned for its world-class beach breaks and powerful waves. The famous La Gravière and La Nord breaks host international surfing competitions, and the area is a popular destination for experienced surfers.

hossegor surf

N3 Bundoran, Ireland: Bundoran, situated on Ireland’s northwest coast, is known for its consistent surf and stunning natural beauty. The reef break known as “The Peak” offers excellent waves, while “Tullan Strand” is popular among beginners. The rugged coastline adds to the charm of this surf spot.

surf barrel ireland

N4 Ericeira, Portugal: Considered Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve, Ericeira offers a variety of breaks suitable for all levels of surfing. Ribeira d’Ilhas is a point break that produces long, peeling waves, while Coxos is a powerful reef break. The town itself is a charming fishing village with a laid-back surf culture.

N5 Thurso East, Scotland: Located in the remote north of Scotland, Thurso East is famous for its world-class reef break. It offers consistent, powerful waves, but the challenging conditions make it suitable for experienced surfers only. The rugged beauty of the Scottish coastline adds to the allure.

surf scotland thurso

N6 Famara, Lanzarote, Spain: Famara, situated on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, is known for its stunning beach and consistent waves. The long sandy beach offers a variety of peaks suitable for different levels of surfing. The volcanic landscape surrounding Famara adds to the unique experience.

lanzarote surfing

N7 Taghazout, Morocco: While technically not in Europe, Taghazout in Morocco has become a popular surf destination for Europeans due to its accessibility. With consistent waves and warm weather, it offers a variety of breaks for all levels. Anchor Point is a renowned right-hand point break attracting experienced surfers.

surf morocco, anchor point

N8 Sennen Cove, England: Located in Cornwall, England, Sennen Cove is known for its picturesque beach and quality waves. The beach break here is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers, and the village has a vibrant surf culture with surf schools and rental shops.

surf cornwall

N9 Zarautz, Spain: Zarautz, situated in the Basque Country of Spain, offers a long sandy beach and consistent waves that cater to different levels of surfing. The beach break is suitable for beginners and intermediates, making it a popular spot for surf camps and lessons.

surfing zarautz

N10 Playa de Famara, Lanzarote, Spain: Another spot in Lanzarote, Playa de Famara, is a beautiful, wide beach with consistent waves. The sandy bottom and variety of peaks make it suitable for different skill levels. The natural scenery and laid-back atmosphere add to the appeal of this surf spot.

lanzarote surf

These top 10 surf spots in Europe offer a range of conditions, from powerful reef breaks to mellow beach breaks, and cater to surfers of various skill levels. Each spot has its unique charm, combining quality waves with beautiful surroundings, making them popular destinations for surfers from around the world.


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